Thursday, May 22, 2008

Papi and the family portraits.

I love photoshopping images. I was hoping to create portraits for my whole family(each with their personalities visually incorporated), but I am busy with work, a side project, and getting fat. Whatcha think?

How cool would it be to have your computer background be of my dad?!


Unknown said...

OK. I am all for this one. What a great idea. Am I next? (I am almost scared to think about what you will make of me!!!!) You have my total permission!!!

But along with it, I want an art critique explaining your choice of colors, shapes, motifs!!!!

You're brilliant!

Ron Jensen said...

I was looking for a new background for my desktop.

Lilliasaid said...

This is super cool Jordan. Good luck with finding time to do them, 'cause that's a really neat project to do for your family...Really nicely done!